About the Food for Life Association

Food for Life was registered as a non-profit organization in May 2002. This step marked the transition from a private volunteer organization of the organization’s founders to activities in the context of a publicly organized body whose sphere of contribution has been immeasurable.


The first branch was established in Petach Tikva. Soon after, other branches were added in Jerusalem and Haifa. Today, the Food for Life Association NPO stands at the forefront of national service in adopting families in need and providing food for the hungry and destitute.


Food for life adopts hundreds of families each month and continues to adopt more families in need, and especially during the holydays. Our goal is to provide help during the difficult times until people can stand on their own feet again.


In addition, Food for Life NPO runs a “Warm House” in Haifa. Every day hot meals are prepared for the elderly, poor and Holocaust survivors and provide a homey and intimate atmosphere. Soon an additional Warm House will open in Jerusalem. 


The Food for Life NPO does not identify with any political party and doesn’t belong to any social sector. The association helps the hungry regardless of religion, nationality or gender.